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Buy or Rent a Reliance Air Conditioner: SmartAir Econo

Reliance Air Conditioners - SmartAir Econo Air Conditioner

SmartAir Econo Air Conditioner

The Reliance™ SmartAir Econo air conditioner has condenser coils that are constructed with copper tubing and enhanced aluminum fins and will blend into your home's landscape naturally. Plus, you can depend on Reliance™ SmartAir air conditioning systems to deliver the quality and value you expect.

  • Durability for Years to Come. The attractive, low profile, louvered, Neutra Green™ steel cabinet provides style and protection from yard hazards and weather extremes.
  • Tranquility of Quiet Operation. Air is discharged through a unique grille pattern located on top of the unit, and is directed upward and away from bushes and shrubs.
  • This discharge pattern allows for quiet fan operation and low noise levels, which you and your neighbors will appreciate.Efficient Performance Maximizes Savings & Comfort.
  • The SmartAir™ Econo model features cooling efficiencies up to 14.50 SEER.
  • The higher the SEER level, the greater your energy savings will be over time. When compared to lower SEER rated models, choosing a higher efficiency model will pay off with years of savings on your monthly energy bills.
  • Simple, Low Cost System Maintenance. Technician-preferred access, to the internal components of the unit, is easily obtained by removing one service panel or the top grille, keeping service time and expense to an absolute minimum.
  • This enhanced serviceability makes caring for your system as easy as 1-2-3.

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