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Reliance Superiorâ„¢ Policy and Philosophy

We have a simple policy and philosophy, we take care of our customers. We take the time to understand their needs and do everything we can to ensure they get the right heating and cooling system, with complete satisfaction.

The approach we practice

The following critical steps show how we make sure our policy and philosophy work for you;

Step One: Review your needs

Our HVAC consultants are fully trained by our equipment suppliers and they are encouraged to recommend products that address your concerns.

We also invite you to visit Winnipeg's largest heating and cooling showroom to see, hear and the learn about the different brands and options of equipment available to you for greater savings and comfort levels.

Step Two: Installation

Our factory trained installers that do the work in your home have been in the industry for many years and have installed thousands of retrofit and new housing systems over the years. This experience provides the knowledge necessary for completing jobs professionally and correctly.

Step Three: Setup

After the first two steps are complete, our factory trained technician will set up, or fine tune, the equipment so that it works in concert with your duct work system and operates to its maximum efficiency.

A report is then produced and reviewed by our service manager and if any changes are required, another appointment will be set up.

If all stages of the equipment are functioning correctly, you will then receive a Set-up Certificate for your records. If you wish, a technician would be pleased to explain and review the equipment’s operation with you at this time.


Without these necessary steps, your equipment may not operate to its' full potential. All manufacturers insist that their equipment is made of high quality materials but will only work to its' full capability when installed and set-up by factory trained professionals.

Everything works together to ensure maximum efficiency

Reliance Superior Heating and Air Conditioning designs systems to provide comfortable conditions in all occupied spaces regardless of the season. Temperature, humidity, airflow and ventilation are all controlled by our systems. In addition, systems are developed to perform all these functions at maximum efficiency in order to minimize energy consumption.

Our load calculation is the basis for the system design. Load conditions are analyzed so the furnace, air conditioner and ductwork are all sized correctly. Comfort, efficiency and reliability are closely related to correct sizing and selection of equipment.